The First Apocalypse of James, is a very interesting dialogue between Jesus and his brother James regarding the soul’s experience after death. Jesus explains, “Behold, I will reveal to you the manner of your redemption. When you undergo the pangs of death, demonic forces will come to seize you. When one of them asks you, ‘Who are you and where are you from?’ answer, ‘I am a son and I come from the Father.’

“When another of them says to you, ‘What kind of son are you and who is your Father?’ answer, ‘I am from the Father who existed before the beginning of time, and I was his son before time began.’

“When the next one says to you, ‘Why were you sent here?’ answer, ‘I came from eternity to learn to distinguish between the things that exist in spirit and those that exist in matter. But I have learned that matter actually exists in spirit, because it comes from the Mother, and the Mother abides in the Father. I call on the imperishable knowledge that is the Mother [here Jesus refers to the goddess Sophia] who abides eternally in the Father.’

“Then the demonic forces will release you and you will be free to ascend to the kingdom of light which is your own light.”

(Revealing the gnosis by MGSORC)

Matter covers the spirit, hides it. Matter is also made up of divine substance, spirit. Coming from the mother implies the universal mind, demiurge. The mother(demiurge) is made of spirit hence abiding in the father. The imperishable is the father not the mother. This is a clever hiding of the temporal nature of the mother.

In this same text Jesus explicitly tells James, “Free yourself from this blind idea, that you are merely the case of flesh which encircles you. Then you will reach Him Who is. Then you will no longer be James; rather you are the One Who is.”

The one who is , its not you. This is what jesus means. This is non I non duality. (Modern Gnostic Society)

The son and father actually is the same , as the father is one, the son has to be the same only a different name. One means one. Jesus is saying hey I’m enlightened.

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