The gnostic gospels and writings have encoded wisdom. Their words have mixed religious and highly mystical language. Only the initiates of those gnostic schools would understand the meanings. Even now very few people understand these writings. Most teachers and writers incorporate Angel’s, magic or other means to attain gnosis but Continue Reading


The core of your being holds the answer. After gnosis the practical world and dreaming remains as it was. The difference being you will realise what that core is and how everything fits together. The God nature will be more real that this world. #gnostic#gnosis#oneness#gnosticism#knowledgeoftheself Hits: 2


There is one consciousness , the eternal monad and everything arises (Sophia ruha) and disappears from this ground of constant existence. You are not Sophia, everything (the universe) is Sophia ruha. The universe hides the eternal monad. Confused? Imagine you are the dream less sleep state fully aware. See now Continue Reading


Remembering the waking state is not just you but everybody is the begining of wisdom. Who is it who suffers? The demiurge is one who is suffering. The demiurge is the artificial spirit that traps mankind. In Hinduism it is called Maya. #gnosis#gnostic#oneness#gnosticism#knowledgeoftheself Hits: 12