Unity of God

Sufi metaphysical concepts of oneness and diversity Major ideas in Sufi metaphysics have surrounded the concept of Wahdat or “Unity with God”. Two main Sufi philosophies prevail on this controversial topic. Wahdat-ul-Wujood(Unity of Being) essentially states that the only truth within the universe is God, and that all things exist Continue Reading

Non dual metaphysics

Non dual metaphysics Consciousness does not evolve or change on any level. Consciousness is perfect as it is. Consciousness is the great perfection or great seal of Tibetan Buddhism. Consciousness is the universal Gnosis. Mind changes, evolves and adapts. Atoms are the building blocks of the one universal mind. #gnosis Continue Reading


Steps to Gnosis The knowledge of the father is the dreamless sleep state, the oneness nature. However examining the the other states is essential to realize what is really lasting and unchanging. ~DavidC~ Gnostic instructor #gnosis #gnostic #knowledgeofself #truth #consciousness #awareness #being #nonduality #mgsorc #stepstognosis Hits: 6