Face of God

The face of God For those who follow these posts will know I teach two paths, the dualistic path and non dualistic path. The Kap posts found here and in the subscriber list are dualistic. The Gnosis 101 are mostly non dualistic. From a dualistic view, God has a face. Continue Reading


Gnostic concepts – demiurge When we look at mind(cosmic mind) and its essence through waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep we can see the coming and going of the mind. The mind is made from the same substance of god but is not eternal (hence fallen). Mind means the whole of Continue Reading


The eternal Monad has no connection to you as you are a small part of the whole. The total of everything is the Monad. How ? We see everything as objects mentally , even in the astral dimension. An object is a form and that form is made of the Continue Reading