Gnostic Awakening is the blog and education site for the Modern Gnostic Order. 

The Modern Gnostic Order has been established in January 2018 to educate anybody who is interested in Non I non duality Gnosticism and Kundalini Crown Chakra Activation. Currently there is only a few people teaching this path as popular non dualism is based on the human body which non dualism points out is the very cause of delusion itself. This path is unique, radical. direct and is based on the teachings of the Great Hindu saint Adi Sankara, also a modern day saint with the dualistic structure of classic gnosis founded in the 1st century.
I founded this school to remove the myths and legends from the pure waters of oneness.
One of the central views of this school is the defination of the mind and consciousness, called Brahman Jhana in India. Through my own studies of applied non I non duality, I uncovered a secret code founded in one of the oldest texts which opened the mystery of the ancient gnostics.
Originally these teachings were kept secret for the favourite disciple (in order to maintain succession and control). In India you will not get these teachings anywhere due to religious control of knowledge which of course the gurus wont tell you.
I have been practicing Tibetan buddhism for more than 20 years. Around 2011 the Kundalini power activated and a few months later, the crown chakra activated. It was around this time I discovered the non dual path via my guide as a divine conversations channeled in kundalini trance.
The message i am spreading is soul (Monad) centric non dualism and the wisdom of divine Kundalini activation.  The difference in Non dual teaching compared to others is it does not take the human body as a basis, de facto resulting in the awakening of the one soul, brahman Jhana (enlightenment).
This has no connection with masonry or knights templar other than  a gnostic viewpoint. 

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