Advanced meditation. Meditation on breath

So you have been meditating for a few years , applying small dozes of breath control (pranayama). I need to point out that the early Christian meditatiors utilised heavy breathing to enhance there focus also. So what happens in the first few years. Well during this time we suddenly start to hear the voices of the celestial cosmic gods. What you say? Yes its called celestial telepathy. You can be walking to the street minding your own business lol, when you hear these voices saying “give me tea” and you can tell these voices come from the sky. What’s the tea thing about? Shouldn’t the cosmic gods say save the world and remove the controllers or lizard men lol. No because in the 4th dimension, the cosmic gods drink a tea called Soma. These voices will disappear after a time. To know what the cosmic gods do or say is called a Siddha (or spiritual power).


Gnostic instructor

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