Gnostic awakening is the blog and education site for the Modern Gnostic Order.

The aims of the order are –

To educate, inspire peoples to Non I non duality gnosis (oneneess).

To preserve and get the message out to everyone who is ready to question reality and find oneness.

To correct ego centric views to the one soul outlook (non dual).

To uncover the hidden oneness from the secret sayings from the gnostic gospels. Also to uncover the soul science hidden from 8th century India and the surpressed oneness from pre church history.

Finally through revealing the mechanics of mind and consciousness to enable authentic awakening to divinity.

The path –

All my writings contain the soul path (the formless path or deathless path.

It is the path of the one soul hidden by the universe.

Also i explain in my writings about the universe mind (called Sophia in gnostic terms).

To know the one we need to trace the mind via the three states,( waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep).

Also i educate on gnostic quantum enquiry (self enquiry) and quantum meditation (to let go of the mind and rest in consciousness).

I am 3rd level crown chakra activated and reveal the secret wisdom hidden by high gurus to the public for the sake of uplifting our world, which is much needed right now.

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