Kap 16

Kundalini mysteries Merging with gods So what happens when you go to sleep and bump into a celestial being, a god or deva? When we enter dream space and we are accessing the universal mind (demiurge) after a lot of purification, we travel into the higher dimensions. Kundalini activation is Continue Reading

Kap 15

Universal mind – (warning pls read with care) Kundalini mysteries series (blockers). So in our last post I was talking about the universal mind , independent of our our mind. This is of course the kundalini energy, the activated ancient power. Its almost like our original knowledge has been hidden Continue Reading

Kap 14

Kundalini activation mysteries series Manipura Chakra Dimensional portal So who has woken up at 530 am and saw something weird? Kundalini activation brings a whole new set of weird lol. Previously I was posting about the stargate located in the crown chakra. I want to post about a dimensional portal Continue Reading

Kap 12

Secret science of Kundalini activation Kundalini secrets – how to activate the crown chakra. In India some gurus will say the crown is key to enlightenment. Activating the crown will allow us to achieve union with the cosmos and reach the level of Moksha (liberation). Activating the crown chakra actually Continue Reading

Kap 11

☆ description of inner visions. Secret science of Kundalini activation. Kundalini secrets – Inner guru The inner guru sits at the top of the crown chakra. He actually moves down to sit on the right hand shoulder of a person when the crown starts to intensify its spin. This inner Continue Reading

Kap 10

☆ kap 10 ☆ A description of pre activation visions leading to crown activation. Secret science of activation. Kundalini – the Crown Chakra guardians (Activation) At the top of the crown chakra dwells the cosmic guru and beside him are two guardians. The guru usually has two eyes showing and Continue Reading