The face of God

For those who follow these posts will know I teach two paths, the dualistic path and non dualistic path. The Kap posts found here and in the subscriber list are dualistic. The Gnosis 101 are mostly non dualistic.
From a dualistic view, God has a face. What ? Yes a mystical face. In Gnosticism there are two Gods, the demiurge and the Monad. The Monad is sometimes called the God above God. In this post I am talking about the mystical face of the supreme God , the true eternal God , the ein Sof (the ending). What am I am talking about right? Ok there comes a time after many years of meditation , one night sometime strange happens during our practice. Suddenly the mind stops, what ? Yes the mind stops and suddenly we experience the mystical face of God. Our gross ego, agendas are shattered and thrown to the wind. For about 4 days we become quiet unable to speak about this experience. This my good friends and illuminates is thoughtlessness. The day after this experience we experience a miracle. This is a sign we have experienced the true divinity. This is first introduction to the one true God. Truly God does not have a face but the experience is the same. Only when the mind stops, the true face is seen.


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