Gnostic concepts – Archons

The Archons were the rulers of the 7 worlds (astral worlds) and were mistaken as evil due to their wrathful form. In the ancient days, people thought there were 7 worlds. The Archons were the rulers of each world, the gnostic worlds were the Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn( considered the end of the material domain). This relates to the Chakras.
When the person went into a sacred sleep, they would travel to these worlds and through instruction pass from one world to another aiming for the Divine
The Egyptian Gnostic Basilideans accepted the existence of an archon called Abraxas who was the prince of 365 spiritual beings.
In the normal world , a person can put there foot down and say this world is real. The same for the dreaming astral space.
What the texts don’t say and what we all know is the dreaming leads to dreamless sleep (the domain of god ‘I’ less). The dreaming is a temporal phase and in truth plays out a dualistic fantasy.

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