Gnostic concepts Hepodomad – 7 planetary spheres (worlds)

In many of the gnostic texts the Hepodomad is mentioned. These are seven planetary spheres , Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon. Each of these spheres are ruled by an Archon. Beyond these spheres is the realm of fixed stars and beyond that the Ogdoad (Heaven). This is the Gnostic Jacobs Ladder.
I teach theses spheres and heaven are actually astral places within us (in our dreaming). They are like a divine dream and even in dreaming, the body sense (ego) continues. Sophia is the mind, ego and conceals the one. Basically these spheres are like chakras. Lets say we travel to Gods temple, a religious person will see what he believes in (dependant on someone’s thoughts). Therefore we cannot say that an experience is a real event as our mind is affecting our vision. However there is a point when we access the universe mind (demiurge) and see what is really there. This is where the seven planetary spheres come in as they are beyond our worldly mind but within the universal mind. Mental purification is required to access this universal mind. To find the One we need to transcend the demiurge, the solar system and universe.

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