Gnostic concepts – NOUS

Ok so you have read some of the gnostic books and they mention Nous.

So what is it ?

In my previous post i mentioned about God being like the sun and matter being like the clouds. Matter is a mass of particles which covers the God. In the Kabbalah God is concealed (Helem in Hebrew). God is the Ein Sof (formless). God is where the forms appear and disappear. God is the inner most self, when we take away the waking and dreaming then only God remains.
Nous means intellect, intelligence and the ability to reason as to what is real (being) and what isn’t real. Nous is usually referred to as Mind in Gnosticism, it is but a universal mind and the means to realise the divine. Put simply, what belongs to God is God’s and what belongs to universe is the universes. God and the cosmos are not the same, we use Nous to realise this truth.

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