Gnostic Lesson 4
Three worlds Kabbalah, gnosis of awareness

What are we? Jesus said examine yourself. What did he mean? We are in 3 states of awareness, waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep, there is nothing else. So I have reconstructed the Kabbalah tree of life in 3 worlds. These are Asiyah (action), Yetzirah (formation) and Ein Sof(divine). These are actually, Asiyah (waking) , Yetzirah (dreaming) and EiN sof (dreamless sleep). In gnostic terms these are (lowest realm) (asiyah) , (realm of archons, aeons) Yetzirah and Ein Sof (Monad without time and space).

(take a 15 minute break and think deeply how this is all connected),

Ok do you see now that the gnostic creation myth is actually happening when you wake up and go to sleep ?

Gnosis of awareness

This is why duality is a thought (conscious awareness) arising when we wake up and dissolving when we fall into dreamless sleep.
What is happening is the waking (Asiyah) and dreaming (Yetzirah) same real reality (to us) when we are in that state but each one moves from to the other, waking to dreaming etc. We can stand up in the waking world and say it is real and in dreaming say it is real. The dreaming dissolves into dreamless sleep (which is consciousness, this is the ousia). What this means is the consciousness (ousia) is the unchanging nature and actually total unity (hidden by the duality).
The I thought (Epinoia) is the actually the whole universe (mind) as from the one I the many Is and objects arise, houses, planets etc. When the I disappears in dreamless sleep there is only the ousia. The waking and dreaming are what is called the universal mind or (sophia). This mind is what we are connected to but have forgotten, it contains all the ideas, concepts, life, death and all other things.
So you see the I (epinoia) is the form, time and space which the Monad is completely without, therefore eternal. The goal then of gnosis is recall the nature of the ousia and the universal being will be redeemed. In truth the universe is always moving within and then without. Only the eternal Monad is real.

This is very important

It is easy to get confused if you keep the I (You) in your understanding. The one I produces everything not just you, even the plants and stars. This is a radical way of our world view away from our current observer and observed view of science. The main avenue is the universal consciousness (not limited to you but within you and all around) is supporting the material universe right now and then only the ousia (consciousness) is left in dreamless sleep. The ousia is not you (the body person) but your consciousness nature which is actually the same substance for everything. Gnosis is truly to know the difference between mind and consciousness.

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