Gnostic Lesson 5 Nous (The sword of Reasoning)

Final lesson

Plato says in his Philebus 28c he has Socrates say that “all philosophers agree—whereby they really exalt themselves—that mind (nous) is king of heaven and earth. Perhaps they are right.” and later states that the ensuing discussion “confirms the utterances of those who declared of old that mind (nous) always rules the universe”.
Nous is the means of discernment to know what is temporal and what is eternal. This is what the sethian creation myth is teaching us.
Demiurge (sophia)

Universal consciousness
Universal mind
We are all confused because we have forgotten the ousia (essence of god fullness). In the previous kabbalah 3 worlds system we have waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep as (asiyah) (yetzirah) (ein sof). The forgotten ousia is the dreamless sleep (ein sof). When we apply dreamless sleep we can see the mind dissolve into it and appear from it. Self examination shows the dreamless sleep as the source and end of the conceptual mind.
I teach the visions of angels and beings dissolve into dreamless sleep and appear from it. This means the angels and beings are not real entities but passing forms. This is why dualistic gnosis leads to passing dreams with no eternal reality.
This is discernment of the non eternal. Discernment of the eternal is what the dreams dissolve into which is continuous as a substance in the other states as the (ousia). This is the ein sof in its world or awareness.
It says this in the (AOJ Secret book of John) – it is outside of realms of being and time, For whatever is within realms of being was created
And whatever is within time had time allotted to it, The One receives nothing from anything.
So what does all this mean? It means that the one god is beyond time. Being beyond time and being means it is before everything. From our point of view it is before thoughts which is the ein sof (dreamless sleep).
What happens when we wake up? Thoughts appear maybe a dream then the world is there. What happens when we sleep? We dream and enter deep sleep. All our thoughts disappear.
Gnosis – What is happening is when we wake up the sethian creation myth is happening and when we sleep we return to the god. This falling and rising is happening every day and we dont realise it.
So why have we fallen not stayed there? This is because we have not realised the dreamless sleep nature is the ousia, we have forgotten. The whole universe is within us and disappears with us. We all believe the I to be us our body/person. We dont realise from the one I the universe is appearing. People have travelled in their dreams to other worlds because the world begins within us. There is no imagination!
In brief the constant within the 3 states is the redeeming knowledge.


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