The I ness

Who am I, what is I. Who are we?

If we watch our every day life and then watch our dreaming, we can see life is not just us its everybody we encounter. Everything is here , people , houses and lands. When we enter dreaming awareness, we encounter the same , people , beings , places, temples. We find we are not in control, there is something else, a seperare mind in the back ground. This is why we experience thoughts that do not come from us. This becomes more obvious with kundalini activation, as this other mind becomes more powerful seemingly. This other mind is called the universal mind or demiurge or mystically sophia. If you have encountered it, you now know what it is now. If we look further , this mind contains many minds and beings. We can come to a realisation we are a part of this vast mind. Also we come to see this mind is actually the universe inside you.


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