Universal mind – (warning pls read with care)

Kundalini mysteries series

So in our last post I was talking about the universal mind , independent of our our mind. This is of course the kundalini energy, the activated ancient power. Its almost like our original knowledge has been hidden away from us and left at the bottom of our astral body sleeping until its switched on.
So let’s take about the blockers, the beings who want to stop us from reaching gnosis. Watching and influencing all of us are small beings, not celestial large ones, strange looking with marks on their faces. They are not archons (rulers) but jealous beings who don’t want anyone to ascend. They take action when you become more powerful with your purification practice. They don’t want anyone to go beyond them, they will derail you from your quest and they seek power. Lets say you astral travel, they will say ,”I want to hold this person back and keep him on earth”. They crave power and complain if someone gets more power than them. Interestingly they disappear when when our kundalini energy becomes more powerful and our minds become clearer. These beings may belong to the Leviathan tribe (envious dark beings).

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