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Followers of the Mask

So I have mentioned a few times (In the past) of the mysterious followers of the mask. When a person has activated kundalini and they enter lucid awareness, they will see the shaktis , hathors or muses (female power spirits). These spirits are part of the kundalini power itself and not some lost souls. These female power beings increase our awareness and have a connection with the yogis siddhis (miracles). While we are trying to increase our mind awareness , a mysterious group watch and aim to remove these powerfull female power beings. In our lucid awareness these mysterious group hide in shops in our dreams. If you see a shop in your dreaming or vision , be carefull. This group actually wear business suits and carry a weapon to remove the power beings. They worship or admire a mask which could represent a deity or being that wants to stop us ascending spiritually. This mysterious group i call the followers of the mask. Please keep in mind i am talking about the lucid dreaming state here and not the practical world. If you happen to enter a shop in your dreaming be carefull and watch out for smart dressed people. The masked being may have a connection to the Japanese Oni mask or tengu spirit.


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