Kundalini posts – crown chakra activation

Krishnas red and blue temple.

I mentioned before about the white ball energy entering the crown which causes it to activate, might be quite a few posts back lol. This happened to me in 2011 one evening. These were medium sized floating light balls, slowly moving towards the person. These balls dissolved into the crown and then a vision happened. Suddenly there appeared a red and blue temple right were the crown is. Also shri Krishna appeared just watching. This is really the begining of the crown activation. That very night the lucid dreaming began and then within 3 days meeting the supreme hindu god. Kundalini really brings you close to the higher beings and I mean within close astral contact (you bump into them). Kundalini enhances the awareness , expands it.

(Pls check out the colours of the temples below). Yep they red and blue. People have had the same visionary experiences as myself. There is a common system for kundalini mechanics.

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