Two light jumps – Kundalini ascension

This is the awaited Kap 19. So what is Kundalini ascension actually like. This is from personal experience as opposed to quoting from Gurus. I mentioned in early posts about the increase of energy due to activation. During this time , this phase of activation, you can actually see multi coloured lights when get up from your meditation seat, maybe a Japanese Zafu. At this point you awareness is shifting into a 4th dimensional state, awake dreaming (that’s what I mean). This means you can see forms and images of dream like beings while in your everyday life. This is what happens. Lets say you are walking down the street to the town (maybe downtown). Strangely you feel your desire has gone, its like the fuel has gone out of your worldly ego. Oddly you feel very calm and your mind is clear. You notice your mind is not wandering like everybody else. You notice people turn their heads all the time and you are not , your head and mind is pointing forward. Lets say you go to see a friend. You are sitting with your friend, suddenly their is a flash of light and feel joyous. Their is another flash of light and you feel even more joyous. Suddenly your realise you are in a different state, 4th dimensional. The people around, some of them are not just people they are higher forces. These people you see, you can’t help smile. They bow to you, nobody realises its like everybody is oblivious. Another person walks past and you look into their eyes, you can feel the Kundalini power within them, they look at you shocked. You get on a tube, everybody on the tube train is looking at you , you have to hide your smile. Later that day , a ufo was reported flying over a building in daylight. You know you are in a different state , an elevated state. Lets say you go to your local Hindu temple. There are people bowing to you all the time, no one notices. You hear are a voice call inside you saying Namatse , this is one of the Hindu Gods calling to you. When you are in the the temple , you gaze at one of the pics of a Hindu God, the images expands in your eyes, you have a psychic connection to that God. Outside the temple , you notice two birds watching people enter the temple, you realise the birds are actually Gods or Guardians in disguise. Also you can see Krishna in people’s hearts or throats. The presence of divinity is with, you can see and know God is watching you.
This is an example of Kundalini ascension. In Tibetan Buddhism there are four tantric joys. These are two of them.


kap 19

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