Visions of the Lord of the Dead – guardian of spirits.

I have been holding back on this Kap post (Kundalini activation post). Its a bit heavy but I wanted to reveal it as if you are reading all these Kap posts then you will be ready. In Greek mythology there is a god or being who helps spirits cross the river styx. This is of course Charon , who i describe as a cloaked skeleton being. This being appears many times during activation trace, or lucid awake dreaming. Yes he talks. I describe him perhaps as the spirit of Death. Remember awareness is full of fantasies of the universal mind (demiurge). Life and death are concepts and fancies of this vast shared mind, as is Kundalini. When we peer in at the shared dreams , we see the various beings who are in charge of whatever department lol they belong to. In this case its death. The universal mind believes in reincarnation, yes it does and death is one part of our current journey. Truly our awarness transcends death in the demiurges mind. So when we get higher we can see these beings. Do you know we have died many times? Kundalini wants you to go higher, dont doubt this. Kundalini can push us and push our buttons so we grow. In this sense Kundalini is like a Guru. Death has his ideas but we have nothing to fear when activated. Our awareness is 4th dimensional, awake dreaming (beyond life and death) according to the beliefs of the demiurge.
Also along our journey we may might meet the Pharaoh of the white cross. Who is this character ? This being is the guardian of spirits (who have left here and are in limbo space). This is large Egyptian like being with a white cross on his forehead. Yes he looks like an Egyptian pharaoh. He can be encountered around 430am when we peep behind the veil (lucid dreaming). Generally he is actually a caring and loving being who is concerned for the spirits welfare and not at all bad. Perhaps he is Yama the Hindu and Buddhist Deva of the dead. I don’t have all the answers lol. Always remember awareness transcends death but everything we see and know is the dramas of the confused demiurge who has forgotten his original nature.


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