Kundalini activation in simple terms.

The great goddess Kundalini, the primordial energy of the self, sleeps in the sexual region of the body. She has a form rather like a serpent, having three and one half coils. As long as she remains asleep, the individual soul (Shiva) is limited and true knowledge does not arise. But just as the right key unlocks a particular door, so Hatha Yoga unlocks the door of Kundalini, allowing the self to experience Brahma and obtain Liberation.”
– ☆ Gheranda Samhita ☆

Kundalini is a sleeping goddess of immense power and knowledge, not to be confused with with a dark spirit. For most people she sleeps at the base of the spine and arouses from sleep due to spiritual practice. This goddess has been know by many names ,Isis , Sophia, Athena, plumed serpent and many others in many different religions and cultures throughout the world. Everything needs power these days, tvs, xboxes and Cars. Kundalini is like an electric lamp but without a socket to plug into. The Crown chakra , which is the crown of our soul, is like this socket. Once the soul crown switches on , power decends and the lamp is switched on revealing the divine light which removes the darkness of ignorance.

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