Kundalini and the Holy spirit, truth or misleading – by David C (Gnostic instructor).

There are many posts over the last few years by religious leaders pointing out that some charismatic experiences during church services are a deviation from their path to GOD. Even some New age writers and modern mystics have proclaimed the Kundalini, divine energy, is the same as the biblical holy spirit. In the Bible it is called “calling fire down from the heavens”.

From a gnostic view, Sophia is referred to as divine wisdom in the Bible. I need to point out the Hebrew word for wisdom is not Sophia. Philo a Jew writing in Alexandra, the home of Gnosis, combined Jewish scripture and Platonic Philosophy. To define Sophia, he created the concept of Logos (Word or reasoning). This can be found in the teachings of John.  In 1st century Gnosis, Sophia was considered the bride of the Christ (Syzygy). So, from this point it is correct to say that Sophia is the other aspect of the Christ Logos, which could be interpreted as the Holy spirit.

If you are following my posts, I reveal Sophia (though the Pistis Sophia, would say the Barbello was the primary energy of matter and mind),   the universal mind that covers the Monad, the God who alone is. The essential essence of the Sophia, Christ and God is called the Ouisa (The monad nature). Thus, there is three in one. The Catholic church calls the same essence, substance which is the Latin translation of Ousia.

Kundalini is like the engine of the universal mind containing many religions concepts, places. In its original ancient yogic structure, it is of an Indian nature though it can contain all the religions. In its original structure, there is wisdom combining light and darkness. In modern terms religions have trouble accepting that divine wisdom is not just love and light. This is where I see these misunderstandings of modern religions leaders who are unsure of what to accept and have decided to condemn these experiences.  Saint Joseph of Cupertino was known to fall into trances and levitate while as a Catholic monk. Padre Pio was known to show the stigmata and to bilocate.

Author David Cowan (Gnostic instructor and founder of the Modern Gnostic Society of the Rose Cross). Follow us on Tumblr, Facebook and the blog, www.moderngnosticsociety.com.

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