Level 2 ☆☆ Advanced meditation

Journeying on a path – holding , fixing the mind and Dhyana meditation.

So we have been meditating for a good few years now, we are seasoned seekers trying to reach illumination. We close our eyes during meditation to shut down the function of vision to enhance our concentration. We keep our eyes open from here. So what do we do now? How do we actually focus our mind? Well this is how it is done. When you are sitting with your hands resting, when we breath out for our meditation count 1 to 10, we lift our finger and touch the bottom part of our nose. Every time we breath out , we recall the sensation just beneath our nose (called the apex). This combines breath, sensation and focal mind. After some time, the sensation at the apex of the nose stays and this becomes the “holding of the mind”. The mind becomes concentrated at that spot. After a bit more time, the recollection of the sensation becomes more sharp and the mind begins to speed up. This speeding of the mind becomes “fixing the mind”. A little while more, dhyana meditation begins, an absorbtion of mind within. During this time you can notice an increase of psychic awareness. This stage will actually allow other people to hear what visions you are having. Literally the voices of the celestial Gods can be heard by your house mates. It is also possible to transfer your consciousness to an object or even make an object move with prana (the divine life breath). Ok so how do you know this ? What book is this from. The book i needed was me because I have done it myself.



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