Level 3 meditation –

☆ mantra science.

A few people have messaged me about starting a practice with a mantra. Previously I had talked about meditation on our breath and how to attain dhyana meditation, an advanced state of inner concentration. How can we do this in the west with tvs, cars, pets and various distractions. Actually without a long retreat, it would take a long time. So here’s what to do, recite this mantra OM AH HUM along with the breath control and meditation. When you combine 3 techniques together we can actually quieten the mind in our material distractions. OM AH HUM purifies our body, speech and mind therefore quietening our busy minds and leading to a higher state of awareness even living in city. I know because I have done it myself.

☆ The secret mantra

Tibetan Buddhism teaches the way of secret mantra, another name for tantric practice. Going back into history, Tibetan Buddhism actually merged with a very advanced shivite tantric school, this school swapped their techniques with Tibetan Lamas. There is a purification mantra contained with the foundation practices called vajrasattva practice or dorje sempa. People ask me, how do I cleanse the intellect, the inner mind space. I reveal the method I used , this mantra. The vajrasattva mantra which contains secret codes in my experience is one of the most powerfull mantras. All of the experiences I have described was revealed by this mantra. This mantra is –
oṃ vajrasattva samayam
vajrasattva tvenopatiṣṭha
dṛḍho me bhava
sutośyo me bhava
supośyo me bhava
anurakto me bhava
sarva siddhiṃ me prayaccha
sarva karma su ca me
cittaṃ śreyaḥ kuru hūṃ
ha ha ha ha hoḥ
bhagavan sarva tathāgatavajra
mā me muñca
vajrī bhava mahā samaya sato ah

There is song connected with this mantra also. You can listen and sing along to this mantra here –

Secret instruction

So whats to so special about this mantra? Well here’s the secret, it contains the words Ha Ha Ha Ho. These words are calls to the two inner primordial beings ,Ishvara and his female partner Shakti. These are the same beings of the first two gnostic beings , the Autogenes and Sophia. This mantra will purify our bad experiences (sanskars), past, current and leading to kundalini awakening and activation.
The instructions for doing this mantra is, do this mantra before bed for at least 30 minutes. After one year increase the time to 1 hour. The best time to do this practice is early am during a thunder storm.


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