Meditation and Kundalini activation.

One of the big things with Kundalini Crown Chakra activation is just sitting. Like in Zen zazen , we need just to sit. To sit means not to inquire, question or over think. It just means to sit with a simple mind. Activation really enforces this but presenting us with an ‘anything can happen” situation. We have to remain mindfull even during, talking beings, faces, losing awareness, lucid wakefullness. With activation we cant go too far ie visualising the cosmos. We have to be where we are , a person just sitting meditating. We can’t know what’s going on, we are over thinking. Sometimes we want to know so to plan to get round problems or just to know what is going. Again this is all over thinking. Its not a no concepts thing, it’s just Kundalini has other ideas independent of you. This is the universal mind I talk about (it has its own ideas). Another way to see this is like surrender, to not fight against the will or wish of Kundalini. Sure in our lives we have to have a strong mind but when it comes to a higher transcendal mind, we need to just be there. Kundalini is not God but it is definitely a titan mind. Uraeus is the rearing Cobra of Egyptian mysticism, a symbol of awakened Kundalini. Kundalini , the magical cobra , common to many beliefs. This great mind requires a simple basic mind to allow it to rise.


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