Misconceptions and modern new age ideas

The truth of Gnosis is right in front of you. You dont need to go anywhere and get anything. All this is required is to think on a Monad level. This is will disentangle you from ignorance. This is called Soul (Monad) centric thinking.

There are many myths and misconceptions about gnosis. Even ancient gnosis has many myths. These myths are actually revealing something hidden but only someone who has the discernment can hear it.

Here are some myths- you need to remove the ego, gnosis is a psychology, gnosis is about sex.

These are 1960s 70s, 80 new age teachings , all western.

Gnosis has nothing to do with sex. Gnosis is unaffected by the mind., nothing to with moods.

Let’s deal with this one, to remove the bad ego.

First of all, where is the ego exactly? Can you point to it ? Where is the soul, can you find it?

Soul and ego are concepts created by man. This type of questioning is required to realize the eternal and realize the demiurge.

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