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Gnosis is the realisation of the oneness of God. It is not found in your body or astral body. Rather it is the hidden nature in something before these. God(monad) is the eternal and this universe is the temporal existence (demiurge). Gnosis is the hidden forgotten God soul nature called the ousia in Greek. Gnosis is ancient and can be found in all religions if one has the eyes to see it. So whats dualistic Gnosis? Dualistic Gnosis is a series of legends designed to educate people into profound concepts. Such legends like, the Sethian creation myth. Non dual Gnosis is like the path of the Monad (God) which leads to the light and reveals where this mysterious nature is. Unlike dualistic Gnosis, non dual Gnosis can be verified.

This group specialises in Non dual Gnosis, divine oneness. This is based on ancient Brahman Jhana, we can learn more about this from modern translators of the teaching of Sankara.
This group also specialises in Crown chakra activation and Kundalini. I am third level Crown chakra activated.
So where do you start? You can start reading the 5 gnostic lessons , gnostic concepts and gnosis 101 posts all contained in the blog, (these posts require the group membership password) www.moderngnosticsociety.com. This is not new age, 1970s gnosis or any form of Gnostic church. Rather this is something closer to you than you realise. This society reveals the gnostic gospels can be understood with correct guidance, bifurcation.


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