Practical spirituality

Spirituality isn’t about , not smoking, not drinking, no love, no swearing, no meat. Spirituality is about doing a regular practice at a set time facing a certain direction. It doesn’t matter what you wear , clothes, jewelry, watches. Our understanding is wrong. The kundalini masters can live among you and behave like everybody else. Why? Because showing off how high you are is an obstacle. What use is it to go your town waving your hands in there air saying , im in the 4th dimension. Its wise and sensible to keep your power to yourself and move with stealth. You can walk into your town in a different state , 4th dimension but you need to pretend to be like everybody else. Sure you look and maybe wink at the beings in the air or in the sky. Sure you can smile at the Sun and Moon. Hey you can nod at the lights flying in the sky. You dont need to dance and draw peoples attention. In yoga its well know if someone has ascended there is a danger of falling, this means you stop doing your practice and engage in the world. Its wise to just to pretend to be another dot in the maze and just keep a secret nod smile for your new friends. Here’s the secret, nobody else can see these beings because only a few people in your town can see them and you. So go out and have fun, just keep doing your practice. Drop the falsehood let your practice cure you from ignorance. I have hear it said, spiritual practice is like anti biotics. Take the medicine and just be yourself and gradually you will get better. Don’t be a fake guru or yogi, be honest. The higher beings already know you. The higher you go, you will need to ground yourself.
I do it myself and I recommend it.



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