What is this page about ?

This page is for those we are interested in learning about non duality gnosis and crown chakra activation. This non duality is the same non duality as taught in the Gnostic gospel of Mary. During Mary’s soul journey she loses the “I” and discovers the secret gnosis.

Where does this come from?

The wisdom is actually ancient Brahman Jhana (Formless path). Gnosis or oneness of god is universal to all spiritual traditions.

What organisation does this belong to?

This is completely Modern Gnostic Society of the rose cross and has no other connections.

Where do I learn more about this?

You can learn more by reading the five gnostic lessons located here in the announcements tab. Also you can read the Gnosis 101 posts and also the kundalini crown chakra posts. After that you will understand these posts and know how to practice.

Is this connected to the Gnostic church?

No there is no connection to the gnostic church or liberal catholic church.

Why is it Modern?

The society is communicating a modern gnosis outlook, taking spacetime, dimensions, matter and some basic views of modern physics.

Welcome to the society’s study group.

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