Starting a spiritual path – meditation on breath

Part 2

So let’s get our meditation practice organised. Definitely we need to find a place we are not going to be disturbed. We need to quieten down and not have any knocks on our door lol. If we can sit crossed legged, that’s great, if not maybe sit with one leg out called.(siddhiasana). This position is like a half lotus and more comfortable. If we cant do that, sit normally like in a chair or a more suitable sitting position with our back straight, if we can. We then can say a prayer or a sacred name or world 3 times just to get into the right frame of mind. Breathing in and out , we watch our thoughts arise. Its important to have our eyes closed to allow our concentration to strengthen, when we get stronger, we can open our eyes and gaze at the tip of nose (that’s for later). Yes meditation is hard to do and we will have a sea of images and thoughts arising. Meditation is about purification of the intellect (not your brain but your mind space), so we dont need to do it properly. Back pain can occur if we do a few hours practice a day, if you have some skill try the wheel yoga posture (if you can lol) which is really great for back pain. A very importance thing to do before and maybe between breaks if you are doing an all day session, is general back stretching exercises (you do not know how important this is lol). Have a look on Google on back stretching exercises or maybe attend a yoga class. If you want to get anywhere with meditation you will need to start your practice with very basic pranayama (breath control in yoga) covering one nostril and breathing through the other for 10 breaths and then reverse. This needs to be kept simple (please see video for a demonstration) Just do 5 minutes meditation to start then 10 minutes meditation after some 3 months. When you have finished your practice you can do a prayer or recite a holy name.
Please keep the pranayama (breath control) to super lazy lol (do not do too much). What’s the breath got to do with it you say? Well from a Hebrew, Hindu, Buddhist view , our breath is divine and has immense power. This breath control actually helps to clean out our left and right channels in our astral body. Its true , it really does clean them out. Its also true about our breath having great power.
Meditation is great for keeping us level with calm concentration. The thing is, breathing meditation and breath exercises are not enough if you want to get serious with your concentration and meditative power.

Next up: level 2

Ps : a helpful tip is to meditate on the beach and watch the sea come and go, I call this sea gazing.
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