Pray to Exit the Body and Find Rest with the King (145,8-16)

“Watch and pray that you not come to be in the flesh, but rather that you come forth from the bondage of the bitterness of this life. And as you pray, you will find rest, for you have left behind the suffering and the disgrace. For when you come forth from the sufferings and passions of the body, you will receive rest from the good one, and you will reign with the king, you joined with him and he with you, from now on, for ever and ever, Amen.”

  • The Book of Thomas the contender (Gnostic gospels)

Gnosis revealed

Non duality metaphysics teach there is only waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep. The dreamless sleep nature is hidden by matter.
Coming forth means dreaming( astral travel). When we dream we drop the physical body and matter. We have a new body in astral space, the spirit. When we sleep it is not just us that is sleeping rather we do enter the universal mind. This becomes more apparent via Kundalini travel. In the astral space there is many forms, so where is the one? When we enter dreamless sleep , only the one remains. This is the hidden secret wisdom.

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