“The world is an illusion! You yourself are not flesh but were given flesh when you entered this world.”
“Those who are living shall die.”
“When you flee from the sense of multiplicity and from the fetters which bind you, when the divine light flows down into your darkness, and the divine fullness pours into your deficiency, then you will realize that you are already resurrected.”

The Treatise on Resurrection


Those who are living shall die. All objects, forms will eventually fade away as everything is degrading.

When you flee from the sense or multiplicity – means when you see things as the one, as the objects are temporally hiding the substance. In other words everything is consciousness. The sense of the objects being independent is the fetters.
Divine light is symbolic of oneness, everything is the consciousness as mind is a temporal flux of coning and coming. The aim is to realize the unchanging (eternal). When you find it that is the resurrection.

The Treatise on the Resurrection is an ancient Gnostic or quasi-Gnostic Christian text which was found at Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It is also sometimes referred to as “The Letter to Rheginos” because it is a letter responding to questions about the resurrection posed by Rheginos, who may have been a non-Gnostic Christian. Source Wikipedia

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