Thoughts on the Left hand path

The LHP a term borrowed from Hindu tantra. This avenue of tantra is aimed at breaking social conditioning and going against the perceived right way of living. Yes some Gnostic groups practiced it. It was thought that by doing what the Angel’s and demons want we could reach the limits of Duality, the demiurge. By engaging in this is behaviour we could rise above the illusion of both light and dark. Those who read my posts will know I take a non dual view, oneness and I dont buy into pseudo new age ideas. I’m always saying the ego (body person) is not god, because the body comes to an end and our spirit (so called soul) disappears in the Ein sof and appears (see gnostic lessons). Religion has given us “soul theory” and from this springs different the different paths. If we take away the “soul” then all the paths fall apart. To make ourselves good or bad is based on an individual soul. To curse someone because they stepped on your foot or blessing someone because they sneezed are not different if we see them both as part of the same dance. Angel’s and demons are both limitations that are not improvements both are part of a forever spinning wheel of two fighting giants who know no peace. The goal of course is hidden by the images and drama.

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