Transferring into consciousness (praxis). Questions and answers

Or why a tomato does not have a mind LOL.


Q. So changed pictures in our mind leads to enlightenment. How can it? What difference will this make in my mind?

A. Ok first , consciousness is the dark empty space in your head and mind is the pictures. There is not many consciousness at different levels. No , all consciousness in all minds is the same (always pure), its the minds that has differences and even then all minds are part of the universal mind. Confused ?

Q. Yes its confusing.

A. Ok, before you wake up in the am you are dissolved into the universal consciousness. When you enter dreaming , the universal mind jumps into life and begins instantly displaying beings, astral palaces and when we awake , the dreaming becomes a material universe. Everybody and everything here in the world is a manifestation of the universal mind. Not everything in the world has its own mind. I hear people say that a tomato is conscious. A Tomato is not thinking but just is there. The fact that it is there is consciousness. The mind forms what the tomato is.

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