The two phases of Kundalini awakening and activation by David C (Gnostic instructor)

The journey with Kundalini is a long and transforming experience. I define Kundalini in two stages, awaking (as in popular new age terms) and activation. The awakening is exactly that, a stirring of sleeping divine spirit. Anybody who does Sadhana (daily practice) over some time while using yogic breathing (pranayama) will likely experience it. The coiled serpent is closely connected and linked with the left and right channels. In the Shakti Chala (I.1 -8) it says restraint of breath (prana) is required in regard to Kundalini. I found mindfulness of breathing (anapatisati) and pranayama an easier method to cause the movement of the Shakti.

The awakening of Kundalini can be a bit of shock to the spiritual system. When I read different descriptions of Kundalini awakening, they seem to be mixed up with activation .e.g feeling crawling in your arms and lucid dreams. The thing about this awakening is it doesn’t last, the energy will return to its origin, back to sleep. However, as time passes, vibrations at the base of the spine will come and go. Have you ever checked your vibrating mobile and found it wasn’t in your pocket, yep that’s the vibrations. A person can stay in the after awakening phase until decisions are made about your role and destiny in this life.

Activation of Kundalini is extraordinary, this is acceptance and permission to climb Jacobs Ladder. This begins after successful crown chakra stimulation. Spiritual progress is rapid after activation.

So how does it activate? Yes, its starts with some lucid dreams, ones you do not control. The experience of these lucid dreams will cause a change in your core of your personal thinking and understanding.

Author David Cowan (Gnostic Instructor) and founder of the Modern Gnostic Society of the Rose Cross. Follow us on Tumbler, FB and on our blog

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